Brand Ambassadors

Meet our 2021 Spring Ambassadors! 

Ashley Lopez

Me siento muy... excited!" I am so thrilled to be a part of the Latina, RN Spring Ambassador team! I love my community and one of my goals is to help motivate minorities to reach for their ultimate goals, to push them and help them believe that the possibilities are endless. I am a first generation graduate and also the first nurse in my family. I am currently a NICU nurse in Houston, TX. I also have mother/baby (postpartum) experience. In addition, I am currently in school going from BSN to DNP FNP!
I am an advocate for faith and believe that everything I am and have is thanks to God. Lastly, some fun facts about me are that I love dancing and cookies! I am looking forward to getting to know many of you!


Lizette Serrato

Hello all! My name is Lizette Serrato, and I am an Emergency Department nurse working at a level 1 trauma center. I obtained my degree in nursing, minor in Spanish, and healthcare interpretation certificate in May of 2019. As a bilingual first-generation college graduate, I knew my purpose was beyond being just a nurse— it was to be an advocate for Hispanic patients by ensuring they are heard and understood in their native language.

By August of 2019 I was accepted into a nurse graduate program in my specialty. Little did I know I had entered the world of nursing during a pandemic. The transition from “new grad” to “new nurse” was overwhelming, but nonetheless, I was proudly serving my community as a Latina, RN!