Our First Nurse Hike

On June 12, Liz (@coffeeq6hprn) and I held our first ever Nurses Hike to the Hollywood sign! It was such a great turn out, and of course we had a super yummy brunch afterward. It was great to come together, meet new people and talk about different things. I've lived in Los Angeles my whole life and never hiked to the Hollywood sign! It wasn't terrible, and we were all still able to hold a conversation.We talked about work, our experiences as a nurse, gave tips for students and everything and anything, about life. I can't wait to help host more events like this! I am so grateful to have met Liz. She is the sweetest thing, and I can tell her and I are going to be great friends. Here are some pictures from the hike! And if you guys are in Los Angeles, or plan to be in Los Angeles let me, or us know! We'd love to connect! And any gathering suggestions you may have! Send them our way!






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