Meet Nurse Ben

The beauty of nursing is that there are so many pathways you can take to obtain your LVN or RN license.

For me, I started my RN journey by taking my nursing prerequisites at a community college near my hometown. I spent about 2 years there, graduated with my Associates of Science in Allied Health and then transferred over to California State University, East Bay into their BSN program. The program there was 5 semesters (2.5 years long) and I went to school during the pandemic but fortunately my graduation date didn’t get delayed. After getting my authorization to test (ATT) for my NCLEX, I signed up immediately to take the test cause I wanted to take it as soon as I could while I still had all knowledge I received from nursing school still fresh in my brain. The NCLEX was the most stressful test I took in my life. I was stopped at question #135 and genuinely thought I failed the test, like everyone else who takes this dreaded exam. Fortunately, I passed on my first attempt and officially became a Registered Nurse!

The next step for me was to now land a New Grad RN position. I started out in medical-surgical/telemetry/oncology and worked there for just over a year before transferring to the Emergency Department where I currently work and absolutely love it there!