Rosa's Journey to RN

I always wanted to take care of people, like my mami. She was a stay at home wife and full time mother of 4 and anytime anyone asked me what I wanted to do in the future it would always be “I want to be like my mami.” When my sister had surgery for scoliosis, I first encountered the MAGNIFICENT role that is nursing. The nurse offered to have me help reposition my sister after surgery and I was only 16 but being able to help gave me such joy. Just helping her lift her up in bed meant so much to me. I saw in her eyes not only the discomfort that came from moving but how much better she felt afterwards and we did that. The little things that we do as nurses made me realize that’s how I want to care for people, as a nurse. I decided then that I wanted to be a nurse. I was accepted at CSU San Bernardino but my mom was deported shortly before I was to begin college. Being the oldest, I stayed in the United States to continue college and eventually help them come back. It was no easy feat, I became depressed, anxious, and dropped out of college. I sought help from my loved ones and with the help of my now husband and family, I restarted at the local community college and ended up receiving my Associate Degree in Nursing. During school clinicals, I fell in love with labor and delivery and reproductive health. I am now on my third year working at my dream hospital and know that I am exactly where I should be as a nurse. My goal is to provide safe, inclusive care that provides patients with all the education they need to made educated decisions about their births. I continue to learn everyday and love this amazing career.