Words from Chris (Flakoo) Hernandez: Latino, RN

      The healthcare system is truly inundated with people refusing to follow the guidance of social distancing. Along with the fear of infecting themselves with the virus, hence wearing ONE set of gloves throughout the entire day, causing an increased chance of catching COVID due to cross-contamination. Not forget to mention those who decided to go on their vacation during the beginning of this pandemic now testing positive as they go home to their families who may somewhat be elderly or even immunocompromised.

        Several Healthcare providers aren't equipped with PPE, increasing the risk of being carriers of the novel coronavirus while being on the frontlines. These same healthcare providers, working vigorously all day are then going home to their kids and families, possibly infecting them. They're literally putting their family's lives and their own lives on the line trying to help those who happen to be infected with COVID. This wouldn't be as devastating if many were responsible enough to follow guidelines by social distancing and staying home.

        In regards to not having enough PPE, it's worrisome having several of my Nursing fellows on the frontlines dealing with little-to-no PPE available. It's upsetting seeing them break down in their cars on their way home after a dreadful shift. Furthermore, explaining on social media how arduous it is for them to deal with this tough battle and the injustice of not having enough PPE's or not being able to wear their own from home. Many Nurses and other medical professionals are putting there faces out on the media, being informative, crying, and elaborating on how they've walked away from their careers, battling with the fear of putting their loved ones at risk. Instead of getting support from the public, they are being verbally blindsided, blackmailed, getting death threats, provoking fear in them, causing them to eliminate themselves from social media. What's the problem with humanity? Why is it that medical professionals who decide to spread awareness of their dreadful and unsafe experience are considered acts? Many who can't relate to this profession have little-to-no clue what it is being in their shoes.

        I never imagined I would see this here in America, the land that is supposedly consisted of abundance. Our government failed us. Our own people has failed us. We will lose doctors, nurses and hospital staff because of a lack of preparation and support. The LAST THING YOU SHOULD DO IS WORRY ABOUT WEARING GLOVES AND HOARDING TOILET PAPER. Why don't we instead all work together and worry about our healthcare system? Why don't we make sure that our hospitals are fully equipped with the supplies needed? Why don't we instead consolidate and donate the supplies that the hospitals are running out of? A bandana will not help to protect people in the hospital.

 - Christopher (Chris Flakoo) Hernandez | Student Nurse